Pokemon GO Mega Ampharos Raid Guide

Legendary and Mega Battle Raids in Pokemon GO present a thrilling challenge for trainers seeking powerful rewards, experience points, and encounters with meta-relevant Pokemon. While Mega Raids don’t allow for the capture of Mega Pokemon, they offer a valuable resource known as Mega Energy, crucial for future raids and enhancing counter rosters.

Mega Ampharos Raid Overview

Mega Ampharos, with its unique Electric-/Dragon-type pairing, requires a thoughtful approach to assemble a counter roster comprising top-notch Fairy-, Ground-, and Ice-type Pokemon.

Mega Ampharos Weaknesses

Identifying Mega Ampharos’s weaknesses is the first step towards victory. This Electric-/Dragon-type Pokemon is susceptible to Fairy-, Ground-, and Ice-type moves.

Mega Ampharos Counters

To optimize your counter roster, consider Pokemon with the following moves:

  1. Zekrom – Dragon Breath/Outrage
  2. Garchomp – Dragon Tail/Outrage
  3. Palkia – Dragon Tail/Draco Meteor
  4. Rayquaza – Dragon Tail/Outrage
  5. Haxorus – Dragon Tail/Dragon Claw
  6. Dialga – Dragon Breath/Draco Meteor
  7. Salamence – Dragon Tail/Draco Meteor
  8. Reshiram – Dragon Breath/Draco Meteor
  9. Dragonite – Dragon Tail/Outrage
  10. Groudon – Dragon Tail/Earthquake

While this list provides optimal counters, trainers can still succeed with alternative options. Ensure your team is equipped with the best Fairy-, Ground-, and Ice-type move sets for an effective strategy.

Preparing for Battle

Despite Mega Ampharos not being the most challenging Raid boss, preparation is key. Consider the following steps:

  1. Understand Weaknesses: Prioritize Fairy-, Ground-, and Ice-type moves.
  2. Equip the Right Moves: Use Elite TMs to optimize move sets.
  3. Team Up: Enter the battle with three or four allies for a stronger offensive.

Additional Tips

  • Friendship Bonuses: Leverage Friendship bonuses for added effectiveness.
  • Weather Boosts: Take advantage of Weather Boosts to enhance your team’s performance.


Conquering Mega Ampharos requires strategic planning, knowledge of weaknesses, and a well-equipped counter roster. Keep an eye on our website for more Pokemon GO guides, news, and updates. Good luck, trainers!

By Irfa Imran

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