Catching Ice-Type Pokemon in Pokemon GO: A Johto Throwback Challenge Guide

Discover how to catch Ice-Type Pokemon in Pokemon GO effortlessly! Our Johto Throwback Challenge guide provides tips on finding these elusive creatures in grassy areas and near water bodies. Uncover an alternative method using snapshots, and learn the steps to complete the challenge and earn rewards. Gear up for upcoming Pokemon GO Throwback events, starting with Hoenn. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your Pokemon journey with our comprehensive guide. Explore now!

As players progress through the Johto Throwback Challenge tasks in Pokemon GO, one of the final challenges is to catch an Ice-type Pokemon. While snowy weather may not be prevalent in many areas, there are still ways to successfully complete this task and earn rewards. This guide will provide tips on locating Ice-type Pokemon and navigating through the Johto Throwback Challenge.

Finding Ice-Type Pokemon in Pokemon GO

1. Explore Grassy Areas and Bodies of Water

Ice-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO can spawn in various locations, irrespective of the current weather. Players are advised to explore grassy areas and near bodies of water to increase their chances of encountering Ice-type Pokemon naturally.

2. Persistence Pays Off

Dedication and time investment are key to finding Ice-type Pokemon. Regularly check different habitats, parks, and waterfronts to increase the likelihood of encountering these frigid pocket monsters.

Alternative Method: Snapshot of an Ice-Type Pokemon

As players progress through the Johto Throwback Challenge, the next step involves taking a snapshot of an Ice-type Pokemon. This alternative method allows players to complete the task without relying solely on random encounters. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate an Ice-Type Pokemon: Use the aforementioned tips to find an Ice-type Pokemon in the wild.
  2. Take a Snapshot: Activate the Snapshot feature in Pokemon GO and capture an image of the Ice-type Pokemon.

Completing the Johto Throwback Challenge

Once the Ice-type Pokemon snapshot task is accomplished, players are only a few steps away from completing the Johto Throwback Challenge and earning a Ho-Oh with Earthquake in Pokemon GO. Be sure to follow the in-game instructions and complete the remaining tasks to finish the event successfully.

Looking Ahead: Pokemon GO Throwback Events

After completing the Johto region, players can anticipate the Hoenn Throwback event in the following week, followed by the Sinnoh region. Completion of all tasks in these events leads to unlocking a Special Research, providing additional rewards and challenges for dedicated players.


Catching an Ice-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO is an exciting step toward completing the Johto Throwback Challenge. Whether through regular exploration or by taking a snapshot, players can successfully meet this challenge and progress through the broader Throwback events. Stay dedicated, explore diverse locations, and enjoy the rewards that come with completing these special challenges in Pokemon GO.

By Irfa Imran

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