Explore Pokemon GO's Vanillite Spotlight Hour

Uncover the secrets of Pokémon GO’s Vanillite Spotlight Hour. Enhance your gameplay with exclusive bonuses and master Vanillite’s moveset. Vanillite Spotlight Hour Guide.

Embark on a frosty journey in Pokemon GO as the Vanillite Spotlight Hour takes the spotlight! This comprehensive guide delves into the event’s intricacies, reveals optimal movesets for Vanillite and its evolutions, and explores the exciting prospect of encountering Shiny Vanillite. Gear up to seize the moment and elevate your Pokemon GO experience.

The Vanillite Spotlight Hour Event:

Immerse yourself in the thrill of the Vanillite Spotlight Hour, a dynamic mini-event showcasing the Ice-type Pokemon, Vanillite. Scheduled for a single hour on Tuesday, December 26, from 6 PM to 7 PM local time, trainers can anticipate a surge in Vanillite spawns, providing abundant chances for encounters. This heightened spawn rate not only facilitates multiple captures but also serves as a golden opportunity to amass Vanillite Candy. Participants are further rewarded with a special 2× Catch Stardust bonus throughout the event.

Shiny Vanillite’s Glittering Possibility:

For avid Shiny hunters, the Vanillite Spotlight Hour unveils an exhilarating chance. The increased spawn rate significantly boosts the odds of encountering a Shiny variant. The more Vanillite encountered during the event, the quicker the chance of a Shiny spawn. Capturing a Shiny Vanillite not only adds a unique touch to your collection but also unlocks the potential for Shiny Vanillish and Shiny Vanilluxe in subsequent evolutions.

Vanillite’s Evolutionary Journey:

With a maximum Pokemon GO CP of 1168 and well-rounded stats (118 ATK, 106 DEF, 113 STA), Vanillite undergoes a transformative evolution. Trainers can evolve Vanillite into Vanillish and further into the formidable Vanilluxe. This evolutionary progression significantly enhances its relevance in both PvP and PvE, establishing Vanillite as a valuable addition to any trainer’s Pokedex.

Vanillite Spotlight Hour Guide:

During the Vanillite Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO, players have the opportunity to encounter an increased number of Vanillite spawns for one hour. This event is a great chance to catch and collect Vanillite candies, as well as potentially encounter shiny versions of Vanillite. Make sure to make the most of this hour by maximizing your gameplay and utilizing items such as Incense and Lures to attract even more Vanillite spawns. Enjoy the Vanillite Spotlight Hour and happy hunting!

Best Movesets for Maximum Effectiveness:

Strategizing optimal movesets for Vanillite and its evolutions is paramount for maximizing performance in battles. Explore the ideal movesets for each stage:

  1. Vanillite:
    • Fast Moves: Powder Snow (Ice-type) and Astonish (Ghost-type)
    • Charged Moves: Ice Beam (Ice-type), Signal Beam (Bug-type), and Icy Wind (Ice-type)
    • Best Moveset: Powder Snow and Ice Beam, resulting in 7.49 DPS.
  2. Vanillish:
    • Fast Moves: Frost Breath (Ice-type) and Astonish (Ghost-type)
    • Charged Moves: Ice Beam (Ice-type), Signal Beam (Bug-type), and Icy Wind (Ice-type)
    • Best Moveset: Frost Breath and Ice Beam, resulting in 9.61 DPS.
  3. Vanilluxe:
    • Fast Moves: Frost Breath (Ice-type) and Astonish (Ghost-type)
    • Charged Moves: Flash Cannon (Steel-type), Blizzard (Ice-type), and Signal Beam (Bug-type)
    • Best Moveset: Frost Breath and Blizzard for 13.13 DPS.


As the Vanillite Spotlight Hour approaches, equip yourself with insights to maximize the event’s advantages. Capturing and evolving Vanillite enriches your Pokedex and provides formidable allies for battles. Stay vigilant for Shiny variants and embark on an adventure to evolve Vanillite into the mighty Vanilluxe. May your Pokemon GO journey be filled with frosty encounters and triumphant victories!

By Irfa Imran

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