Things only manga readers know about Demon Slayer Season 3

Anime fans are excited for Demon Slayer Season 3, but only manga readers know how things will unfold.
With the release of the latest Demon Slayer Season 3, anime fans around the world have received a long-awaited continuation of the adventures of Tanjiro and his demon sister. His next journey will take him to the Blacksmith Village, where a secluded blacksmith clan creates Nichirin’s signature swords for the Demon Slayer Corps. The village is so secretive that even the Demon Slayers themselves don’t know its location, known only to a select group of Kakashi. Tanjiro visits the village for personal reasons: Explain to Haganizuki how his sword was badly damaged during the Amusement Park arc. He and his friends do not know what challenges they will face when they arrive, though manga readers know exactly how their journey will turn out.

Upper Moon Four: Hantengu:

To the surprise of many readers, the Swordsman’s village is eventually found and infiltrated by Muzan’s forces. With the lower ranks of the Twelve dissolved by Kizuki, all that remains is to destroy Muzan’s upper management, and he was kind enough to send two members to destroy the village.

Hantengu, at first glance, is a pathetic person resembling a frail old man with little fighting ability. This is where his special ability comes into play; His ability to create four powerful clones that can fight for him. Hantengu is a good example of how appearances can be deceiving because he still manages to put up a tough fight.

Upper Moon Five: Gyokko

Enemies in a Demon Slayer are not much different from normal people, so Gyokko is a unique case among the demons in the Muzan Legion. For starters, his eyes are replaced by a mouth, and his mouth is replaced by an eye; He looks more like a curse from Jujutsu Kaisen than a demon slayer character.

Gyoko compares himself to an artist, falling for a character so obsessed with aesthetics that he develops a perverse sense of beauty. He’s a particularly quirky person that anime viewers will love to hate once he hits the scene.

Kanroji and Muichiro’s chance to shine

When the Hashiras first appeared at the end of the first season, viewers couldn’t help but wonder how each of them fared in combat, as well as what their moves were like. Since then, the Demon Slayers have continued to satisfy their curiosity, starting with Rengoku and again with Usui. Now focus on Hashirs of Love and Mist.

Kanroji’s techniques are based on the powerful and unexpected blows she can deliver with the odd shape of her Nichirin sword. Muichiro fights with quick, precise moves designed to confuse enemies. While the two High Moons terrorize the village, the upcoming battle is sure to become legendary.

Genya finally gets to fight

Since his debut during the finals, almost no one has seen the skin or hair of Genya Shinsugawa, the young man with the scars on his shoulder. He finally appears in the Swordsman Village arc and appears to have learned some new moves during his time off-screen.

Zhenya’s fighting style and weapons easily make him one of the most colorful characters in the series. Everything that surrounds Zhenya is probably what manga readers would most like to see in Season 3.

Haganezuka’s Determination

Haganezuka is a character that many fans are drawn to due to his overreaction to Tanjirou’s penchant for breaking swords that he took so long to create. In the next arc, the Demon Slayer will reveal why the blacksmith in the clown mask is so angry when it comes to the hero’s blade.

Among the villagers, the quality of Nichiren’s sword says a lot about who made it. It explores Swordsman Haganezuku’s village arc as a character, expanding on it and showing that he’s more than just a comic character who graces each arc.

Tanjiro’s New Tricks

It wouldn’t be a new Demon Slayer if Tanjirou didn’t come up with some new moves, and the Swordsman Village arc is no different. Devoting himself entirely to learning new techniques from Hinokami Kagura, a young demon hunter hones his swordsmanship to better fight his human enemies and develops his skills while under the temporary tutelage of two Hashiras who also visit the village.


By Irfa Imran

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